Having a healthy immune system is vital to keeping us moving and fully functioning. Our body is full of natural defenses such as our nose, hair, and skin to help keep germs and other pathogens at bay so that they don't compromise our immune system leaving us feeling congested, lethargic, and just downright unwell. 

There are many ways we could be weakening our own immune systems and leaving us exposed to viruses, diseases, and potentially chronic conditions. Stress, long exposure to cold weather, lack of certain vitamins, insufficient sleep, and many other factors can all contribute to weakening our immune system.

What is the immune system?

It's much easier for us to picture everything inside our bodies as an organ, a part of our body with a very dedicated job and a very distinct shape in one permanent spot. However, our immune system is a bit different. The immune system is a huge network of white blood cells, antibodies, and lymph nodes all working together as your body's natural defense system. Think of it as your body's mini army. When a foreign pathogen (an enemy) enters your body (the fortress), your body's immune system (the army) will fight it off to ensure that the kingdom (your body) is safe from harm.

Because the body's immune system is an extensive system, it relies on all of its components to operate properly. Once the immune system is compromised, even just slightly, it makes it that much easier for foreign bodies to get in. This is how we end up feeling run down and end up with viruses such as strep throat, COVID, or the flu.

How does acupuncture boost immunity?

Acupuncture helps to increase your body's defenses and improve the function of your immune system by increasing blood flow and blood circulation throughout the body. This increases the production of red and white blood cells, which are part of the immune system's army network.

The act of acupuncture, having a needle prick your body, stimulates the body's same response as though a virus or other foreign body has entered. Your body goes into fight mode and begins creating more white and red blood cells necessary to fight off the intruder.

Helping to increase the production of white blood cells can help balance a weakened immune system and bring it back to its normal functioning levels. However, even if you're not sick, this mimicry of a virus entering your body and the increase of white cell production lasts for several days, leaving your body in prime defense mode and ready to fight off any future potential intruders.

How Dr. Aleksandra can set you on the right path

As a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DCTM), Dr. Aleksandra believes in treating the body holistically and naturally.

She can work with you to develop a treatment plan that includes not only her acupuncture services but herbal medicine and even O3 renewing therapy to set you on a path for continued health and improvement in your quality of life.

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