It was recently reported that acupuncture can treat joint pain for breast cancer patients [1]. With each passing week it seems researchers find a new group of people that benefit from the effects of acupuncture, or a new way acupuncture can be implemented to help.

One cute example is Ernie the Penguin, a 36-year-old penguin (over a decade older than the average lifespan in captivity for his species) who receives frequent acupuncture treatments. One of the oldest penguins in captivity, Ernie has arthritis and no vision in one eye, but acupuncture makes a huge difference. His handlers describe the change in his behavior, saying “He's acting like a 2-year-old penguin. You can't believe the difference in this bird” [2]. He’s not the only animal trying out acupuncture; in China, many pet owners are raising their pets’ quality of life through acupuncture treatments [3].

On a more serious note, animals aren’t the only group discovering the benefits of acupuncture as of late. Japan experienced multiple disasters over the last decade which displaced, injured, and even killed hundreds of thousands of people. Thousands were evacuated, but for many evacuees and first responders pain became an issue after the disaster. Many were injured, and others worn down from the long periods of time spent in evacuation centers. The Disaster Acupuncture and Massage Project sought to help through acupuncture. They recorded data on the pain their patients felt before and after acupuncture treatments [4], and according to a study in the Journal of General and Family Medicine, the acupuncture had a positive effect, and reduced pain significantly [5]. From penguins to people, acupuncture has the potential to rejuvenate and relieve.


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Acupuncture treatments provide many benefits beyond just pain relief for those suffering with chronic neck or back pain.