Pelvic floor dysfunction can feel like a debilitating and isolating condition. It can affect people at any age and can be caused by traumatic accidents or pregnancy, but it particularly creeps up as we age.

Although it affects women in much higher numbers, men can suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction too. For many with this condition or symptoms, acupuncture can help provide significant and often immediate relief as quickly as with a single session.

What is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Pelvic floor dysfunction is a condition that results in the inability to relax the body's pelvic floor muscles sufficiently enough to use the bathroom comfortably, which may result in constipation or accidents. Not only is this a severe health and painful issue, but it can also tremendously affect one's social life.

So, going to the bathroom requires our pelvic muscles to contract and relax. But, those with pelvic floor dysfunction can only contract the muscles. In turn, this results in increased tension in the pelvic area. As we age, our muscles and tissues become more rigid, making it harder to relax when needed. Additionally, hormone shifts and general aging weaken muscles, making them less easily controlled.

How can Acupuncture help?

Because pelvic floor dysfunction results from unnecessary and increased tension in the pelvic muscle, acupuncture is a prime course of treatment for this condition. Primarily, acupuncture aims to relax muscles and cause a deep release of tension in targeted areas by placing needles away from the affected area. 

In addition to the placement of the needles stimulating the muscles to relax, it also stimulates increased blood flow to the area, which will help strengthen those muscles and, in a way, reignite them so that we can have better control over them over time.

Also, acupuncture naturally releases endorphins during a session, which will help with pain management and relieve any discomfort associated with pelvic floor dysfunction!

When to seek Treatment

With pelvic floor dysfunction, it's best to start acupuncture treatment early on so that we can address the condition immediately before it worsens. As we age, the muscles continue to become more and more rigorous.

Most importantly, taking proactive measures to retain control of those muscles will not only help to alleviate current symptoms. These proactive measures can also help prevent the worsening of this condition. However, even if you have been experiencing this condition for several months or even years, starting treatment now is the best course of action.

Our team at Sasha Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine is here to help ensure that you feel comfortable speaking about your condition and trusting us to help set you on a path to healing. We pride ourselves on helping clients of all ages and stages of their journey.

Be sure to contact us and speak with Dr. Aleksandra to discuss your current symptoms and how we can help.

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